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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 14, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now at 7:00 a maryland woman who was found pushing her dead son in a playground swing has been charged with killing him. so why is her family saying the grand jury got it wrong? >> plus was there a threat made against the pope ahead of his visit to washington d.c.? details on what we've been able to find out about that alleged plot. >> democrat bernie sanders makes an unlikely campaign stop. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm lesli foster. manslaughter after she was found pushing her dead toddler in a park swing in may has been ordered held on $10,050,000 bail. >> but -- $150,000 bail. >> but her family said after her first court appearance that she should be in a mental hospital, not in jail.
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scott broom from la plata. >> i reached out to so, so many different agencies before this even happened. >> reporter: vontasha simms after hearing her 24-year-old mentally ill daughter romechia simms has been charged for killing her own son. >> now my grandson is gone. now my daughter is in jail. they knew for the longest period of time when they honestly knew that she was suffering from a mental illness. >> reporter: 3-year-old ji'aire lee was found dead in a swing set may 24th, his mother still swinging him in wills memorial park in la plata. >> tragic is a better word. >> reporter: the prosecutor with a shocking revelation in court. >> the investigation with the sheriff's office revealed that they got to the wills park and the child was placed in the swing very shortly after they got there and the child was there for about 40 hours. >> not only was my grandson out there an extended period of time, she's out there with him that entire time. you know, he didn't have anything to eat or to drink. neither did she.
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no mother who is in the right frame of mind is going to do that, okay? obviously she was in a mental state. >> reporter: the child of died of exposure and dehydration. the medical examiner ruled it a homicide. simms appearing in court today said, "i didn't mean for this to happen." a judge ordered her held on $150,000 bail, vontasha simms saying her daughter should be in a hospital, not jail. >> it was something new to her. it's something -- i'm still trying to figure out what happened to her or how it happened to her, how a person goes from being a college student, educated, working, you know, a loving mother, you know, then all of a sudden one day you wake up and you have a psychosis? that could happen to anybody! >> simms has been diagnosed with the onset of paranoid schizophrenia, but her family complains their public assistance insurance would not pay for long term hospitalization. sky9 above train tracks in montgomery county where a teen was struck and killed by an
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amtrak train, still no word why he was on the tracks, but 100 people were on the train as it traveled through barnesville. no one on the train was injured. all train service in that area has been suspended. the murder trial of a man accused of killing his stepfather who was a d.c. police detective is underway in prince george's county. antwon james is charged with shooting and killing joseph newell at his mifaly's home in upper marlboro. prosecutors say he shot newell several times after he asked for help with yard work. a man who raped a woman with gunpoint while her children were nearby has been sentenced to three life terms plus 80 years. 33-year-old perkins stalked that woman before the attack in her apartment. he said he will appeal. a montgomery county man sentenced on robbery charges to seven years after pleading guilty. the judge also tacked on five years because nelson was already on probation for an
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earlier armed robbery in olney. two men are under arrest for making five separate bomb threats against a virginia grocery store on 9/11. 37-year-old duane ishmael of washington d.c. and 36-year-old melvin kelly of arlington are accused of threatening to bomb the harris-teeter in alexandria. each time the grocery store had to be evacuated, but there was no bomb. the man suspected in the fatal shooting of a kentucky cop has been shot and killed. trooper joseph cameron was shot sunday night after a traffic stop led to a high speed chase. he later died. police say 25-year-old joseph thomas johnson shanks of missouri was behind that shooting and he was fatally shot early this morning. happening right now police in mississippi are looking for a man who gunned down a professor at delta state university. history professor dr. ethan schmidt was in his office when fellow school professor shannon lamb came in and just killed him. there are 3,500 students at the
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university which is near the arkansas/mississippi state line. well, it sure sounded scary, but police are now discounting reports of a plot against pope francis. >> the chair of the house intelligence committee told abc sunday there was a threat, but that it had been disrupted. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception where pope francis will deliver an outdoor mass. the new york city police commissioner said today that there is no credible threat against pope francis, that despite reports over the weekend that the u.s. had broken up a plot against him. >> we somewhere at this time as we're speaking to you going forward no credible threat directed against this event that we're aware of cautiously monitoring as you might expect. >> reporter: in new york, philadelphia and washington police are mobilizing a massive effort to keep the pontiff safe. the chair of the house homeland security committee said on
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abc's this week that the u.s. has already neutralized one threat. >> we are monitoring very closely threats against the pope as he comes into the united states. we have disrupted one particular case. >> reporter: in hopes of offering some context, law enforcement sources told me no one's going to death con six. they remain on a standard security footing for an event this size. at the basilica bruce leshan, wusa9. >> security on capital hill will be tight today withstand- ins for the pope and others capitol hill staff did a walk- through of every moment from the arrival to the house floor. the pope will address congress september 24th. >> for continuing coverage of the pope's visit to washington download our updated wusa9 app available for apple and android devices. embattled kentucky county clerk kim davis is back on the job today. davis said she would not block
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her employees from processing licenses for same sex couples, but she also warned that if licenses were issued without her authorization there were questions about whether they would be legal. >> any unauthorized license that they issue will not have my name, my title or my authority on it. instead the license will state that they are issued pursuant to a federal court order. >> a deputy clerk says he will continue to issue licenses. davis has objected to processing marriage licenses for same sex couples because of her religious beliefs. d.c. mayor muriel bowser announced a new plan that will help prisoners make that transition to life beyond the jail cell bars. each year more than 2,000 men and women return to d.c. after being released from a correctional facility and bowser is proposing more help to make that a more productive change. she spoke today at the d.c. central jail. >> we know that they deserve the support and encouragement of d.c. government, our
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community so that they can get back on frac to product -- track to productive lives. we know that they deserve a fresh start. >> mayor bowser would like to see people in jail awaiting trial on a misdemeanor allowed to leave jail during work hours so that they can be productive at their jobs. still to come, as the ferguson report is released, big changes come to the courthouse that often unfairly targeted minorities. >> plus hundreds of homes go up in flames as california's wildfires continue to rain on, the latest on the out of control fires next. >> another cold night in store for us. in fact, take a look at the low temperatures overnight, by tomorrow morning looking at 40s, 49 in frederick, 51 in gaithersburg, downtown upper 50s. most of these maps are available on our app. go to the app store and search for wusa9. we'll have u5fxc
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over 1,000 firefighters in california are just racing to contain these two wildfires out of control devouring thousands of acres. >> the wildfire has killed at least one person as flames decimated several towns in a matter of hours. parts of middletown are gone incinerated after wind driven flames tore through several communities 20 miles north of napa. the fire destroyed up to 1,000 buildings including hundreds of homes. >> i'm looking around at all my neighbors. they're just devastated and even my daughter is devastated. i drove over to her house and her house is gone. there's nothing left. >> details on that one death have not been released yet. four firefighters who are members of a helicopter crew did suffer second degree burns this weekend. they remained hospitalized in stable condition. the former new york prison employee who helped two killers escape from a maximum security
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prison says she was depressed and those inmates took advantage of what she called her weakness. in the first of a two-part jailhouse interview for nbc joyce mitchell says she helped richard matt and david sweat because matt had threatened her family. mitchell gave matt and sweat the tools they used to break out of the clinton correctional facility near the canadian border on june 6th. a murderer has scaled the walls of one of the most notorious prisons in britain in his underwear to reportedly protest against the conditions inside. 35-year-old stuart honorabler is horner is serving -- horner is serving 27 years for shooting his uncle to death. an american airlines manager is one of the first people to learn of the 9/11 hijacking was in court today on child sex charges. 55-year-old ray howland was arraigned in federal court in
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pittsburgh. nowland is charged with arranging a sexual encounter with a woman and a 10-year-old girl. howland received some of the first panicked calls from employees at logan international airport in boston reporting the hijacking of american flight 11. it later struck the world trade center. . it is a new day in ferguson, missouri's courtroom. a new municipal judge ordered sweeping changes voiding all arrest warrants issued before december 31st , 2014, this after a scathing justice department report that says the city's police department and courts exploited minority residents by fining and jailing them to make money. the decision comes a year after a white cop shot and killed a black teen-ager, michael brown. still to come i guess it's never too late to say you're sorry accident right? >> never. >> 32 years later vanessa williams gets an apology. >> plus this is not a typical bernie sanders campaign rally. we're on the trail as the democrat heads to an unlikely
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stomping ground.
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craig boswell has more. >> reporter: this is not a typical bernie sanders campaign rally. >> senator sanders, we made room for a lot of your supporters locally here on the front row. so you've got a fan club here. >> reporter: the democratic presidential candidate is seeking support at liberty university, a conservative christian institution. >> it is harder but not less important for us to try and communicate with those who do not agree with us on every issue. >> reporter: sanders, the self- described socialist, sought economic common ground from the audience, but he did not have many supporters when it came down to his views on social issues. >> i respect your point of view. >> reporter: he's now leading hillary clinton by 10 points in iowa and 22 points in new hampshire. the democratic candidates have avoided directly attacking one another but will soon face off in a debate next month. the republicans go head to head
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this wednesday in simi valley, california. >> ben carson is a very nice man. he's a surgeon, but he's way behind me. i say what about me, i'm leading? they don't mention that. >> reporter: one thing that bodes well for trump when asked what's important to them, nearly 40% of republicans in early voting states say business experience. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> in just under an hour bernie is around will hold a rally in manassas at 8 p.m. at the prince william county fairgrounds. you can now preorder the iphone 6x and 6x plus and in the early preselling the rose gold color has been the hottest seller. the new phones go on sale to the public september 25th. chipotle's hiring binge last week was a big success hiring 1,800 people wednesday. the chain is planning to open about 200 new restaurants by the end of the year. the markets closed in the red today after one of the best
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weeks in months. the dow was down 62 points, the nasdaq also down 17. well, if you can name one misamerica, who would be it? >> it's got to be vanessa williams, right? because by now the best known pageant winner has received a lot of attention and now she's gotten a long overdue apology. the executive chairman of the miss america pageant apologized to williams for the way the pageant's predecessors handled a nude photo flack involving her in 1984. sam haskell apologized to vanessa williams during sunday night's nationally tell viewed pageant. now williams re-- televised pageant. now williams resigned the title in 1994. of course, williams went on to become a stage and tv actress. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> four kids and 52 years old, if we could look that good.
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she looks good. go, vanessa. >> stunning. let's talk about the 3-degree, also stunning. we had a bull's eye yesterday. we went for a high of 78 and the only tricky part this time with this kind of an air mass is it heats up very quickly and cools off very quickly. we'll let you know tonight at 11:00 how we did. we've only missed two in september. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, dew points just in the 40s, so comfortable, winds dying down west, northwest at 9. open the windows tonight but not too far, 40s and 50s for lows. bus stop temperatures 48 to 68. the kids will probably need a sweater. you will, too. a terrific tuesday, though, and that leads to a wonderful, wonderful wednesday. so on the futurecast at 10:00 we're in the 60s already. temps are going to fall very, very quickly. if you walk sparky tonight, you'll probably need a sweater.
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by 6 a.m. we've got low 50s and 60 downtown. i think there will be 40s actually. by 9:00 we're back in the 60s, not any clouds, perfect chamber of commerce weather. by 1:00 up to 80 downtown, maybe leesburg as well, near 80 in frederick, 76 in hagerstown. tomorrow night will be cool but not quite as cool. temps won't fall as quickly. by 7:30 maybe 77 downtown, 73 in gaithersburg, 74 in bowie. so for tonight clear, chilly, open the windows but not too far, 48 to 58 for lows. i think rockville will be 50. laytonsville could be 49, but 49 in sterling, 48 in leesburg, percyville and round hill, manassas and also in haymarket. so one of our cooler nights. this morning, by the way, was as cool as it's been since june 4th. on the day planner 66 by 9:00 and up to 80 with sunshine by 1 p.m. so next three days like this.
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still gorgeous on wednesday, 85. it's going to warm up, but it's not going to become humid and then mid-80s on thursday, still great, warming up a little bit but still not humid. now next seven days friday we're in good shape, upper 80s. there will be a cold front over the weekend, not much to this front, maybe it squeezes out a shower overnight saturday. terps back in town, got another home game at fedex, again upper 80s on saturday when the front goes through dropping temps back to 80 on sunday and back to 79 with sunday on monday, not a huge chance of showers over the weekend. nats come back into town thursday and are here for quite some time, a long homestand. >> thank you, topper. up next taking green office space to a whole new level, find out why business people are hanging around this london tree. pretty cool.
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the washington redskins will have to wait at least one more week before they can celebrate their first victory monday of the season, but their next challenge just got much more difficult with the news
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coming out of ashburn. the redskins got hit hard by the injury bug. safety duke ihenacho will miss at least six to eight weeks with a fractured wrist, but the biggest loss is receiver desean jackson ought three to four weeks with a hamstring injury. that really eliminates the deep threat that the redskins had on offense and now it's time for some of the young unproven guys to step up. >> any time you lose a guy of his caliber, he's one of our stars. you hate to lose a star, especially with his speed. we feel good about the receivers that take his place, but nobody can substitute him for that burning speed that gets downfield and scares safeties and corners to death, backs people up. >> reporter: the redskins today announced the suspension of corner back chris culliver for next week's game. that's three starters out for the redskins when they host the st. louis rams. in ashburn kristen berset, wusa9. finally tonight coffee shops and libraries have long
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you got a great blow. >> it's called sweat. >> we're asking sandra bullock about her new man. >> and we're with vanessa williams after miss america's apology. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> my mother had some hard feelings. >> vanessa and her mom are backstage conveation after vanessa's motional full-circle moment. >> i want to apologize to you. >> then -- >> what can you tell us about your new boyfriend? >> bullock's boyfriend talk. >> and i never said anything about your drinking. >> did he steal clooney's role? george talks amal, his concerns for her safet >> it's tough when they're savvy and co-council in the head. >> i can't believe that i'm here. >> stars flood new york's slippery fashion week. >> plus, why did the troubled u


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